Half pretties


Half Pretties developed from my love affair with beautiful, yet not always comfortable, shoes. I decided to create a cushioned insert to ease the pressure on the ball of my foot and keep my foot from sliding forward in heels. Since comfort doesn’t always look pretty, I worked with beautiful laces that reflected my sense of fashion and created new looks.

“As a designer, I am inspired by the deconstruction of clothes and combining pieces from disparate designers. In 2006 I moved to San Francisco to study childrens’ clothing design at the Academy of Art. I was encouraged to explore design through illustration, spending my time imagining and drawing my ideas. I found passsion in my surroundings and as I began to incorporate more travel into my lifestyle, the simple beauty of nature encouraged me to create designs based on subtle accents of my most comfortable expressions.

Half-pretty is how I see the world. A world in constant motion, constant change. New impressions of all kinds of energy floating along our emotional landscapes. I find myself in creating beauty... beauty that sends me along into a different mood and atmosphere where I can be comfortable, be pretty. 

There is a family saying,“Bekosh o khoshgelam kon.” Simple translated it means,“it’s killing me but I look beautiful.“ Half Pretties ease the killing of shoes on the feet and leave the beauty.

-- Neda Dion